Now Hiring: State Coordinator, NC Extension Master Gardener Program

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Position Announcement

The primary purpose of this position is to coordinate the North Carolina State Extension Master Gardeners program which includes over 4,000 individuals who annually contribute over 171,000 hours of volunteer service and an additional $1.5 million in-kind contributions. This position will support Extension horticulture agents in managing all aspects of the Extension Master Gardeners Volunteer program (EMGV) including policies and procedures, recruitment, training and management. This position will provide technical support and training to horticulture agents managing Extension Master Gardener programs. This position will direct statewide aspects of the program including, awards, fundraising, including the endowment, social media, conferences, evaluation, reporting, budget management, the intranet and public websites as well as coordination with the NC EMGV Association. This position will keep the EMGV faculty advisor apprised of all program components.

  • Program Leadership: Develop, implement, evaluate and report on EMGV programs, events, and workshops. Independently plan, develop, facilitate, provide leadership and evaluate projects. Recruit and lead the EMGV College team in planning an on-campus conference.
  • Communication: Facilitate effective communication via face to face, telephone, email, and web meetings. Represent NC on National EMGV efforts, meeting, and conferences. Identify, gather data, write, and submit state and national reports.
  • Training & Support: Train and support horticulture agents and EMGVs working on statewide projects.
  • Financial Management: Obtain and manage funds from fees, gifts, and grants (including bookkeeping and budget management).
  • Technology: Direct the NC EMGV intranet, public websites, portals and social media.
  • Partnerships: Build collaborative partnerships with horticulture agents, university staff and faculty and with relevant agencies and programs, support and interact with county EMGV advisory groups.
Full Time Position
Based in Raleigh, NC at NC State University Department of Horticultural Science
Position will be open until 9/20/2017 or until an acceptable candidate is selected.