Coping With Drought

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Coping With Drought, Dr. Barb FairWhile eastern counties are managing flood conditions, counties in the west are are already experiencing drought. Check out this publications on “Coping with Drought” by Dr. Barbara Fair.

Quick Tips:

        • Plants response to short-term drought:   wilting, marginal leaf scorch (browning along edges), and loss of some foliage.
    • Plants response to long-term drought:   twigs and branches may die back,  reduction in flower and fruit production, decrease in leaf size and eventually death.
    • Young and newly installed plants are most vulnerable.
    • Insects and diseases may attack drought stressed plants.
    • Design your landscape for resilience. Select plants that will thrive in light, soil, space and hardiness zone provided by your yard.
    •  Scout for insects or disease problems and address quickly.
    • Apply organic mulch.
    • Aerate turf and cut at highest setting for that variety.
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