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Potato late blight
image by Gerald Holmes--Bugwood

Potato Late

Both potatoes and tomatoes can quickly be defoliated by Phytophthora infestans, an oomycete active in wet cool conditions. In North Carolina disease damage occurs from June through the end of the season. Potato late blightimage by Howard F. Schwartz --bugwood[/caption] Management Strategies: Grow varieties known to be resistant to Potato late blight Use disease free seed potatoes Plant early to avoid disease Limit leaf wetness (water the soil, not the leaves, use drip irrigation, space plants to allow air circulations) Remove and discard infected plants More information and images.

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Extension Master Gardener Volunteer Harold Johnson is the radio show host of Getting Dirty in Your Garden.[/caption] Extension Master Gardener Volunteers produce an award-winning syndicated radio show and podcast. Our stories explore gardening in our region, the intersection of horticulture and innovation, and the people who are leading the way. Visit Our Site Donate to Support Our Program!


Certify your
Pollinator Garden

The Million Pollinator Garden Challenge Register your pollinator friendly garden, large or small. Even a container garden can serve pollinators. www.millionpollinatorgardens.org Pollinator gardening 1. Use plants that provide pollen and nectar. 2. Provide a water source, such as a small water garden or bird bath. 3. Situate your pollinator garden in a sunny site with a wind break. 4. Select a wide variety of plants to ensure there are flowers throughout the season. 5. Do not use pesticides near your pollinator plants. Select Plants that Attract Pollinators Planting guides Pollinator Conservation Guide


Extension Gardener

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Female Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly on Purple Coneflower (Echinacea purpurea)

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New and improved and even better than before. “Butterflies in Your Backyard” has been updated and  re-released with a beautiful new cover.  Available for free online  (PDF version linked), it has wonderful information on North MORE »

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