Extending the Beauty of Valentine Bouquets

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Vase of wildflowersA Few Easy Ways to Enjoy Your Cut Flowers Longer

  • Be sure the vase is clean before adding water and a packet of flower food.
  • Just before you are ready to place the flowers in a vase of water, cut the base of the stems to remove any tissue that may be clogged and prevent water uptake.
  • Place the flowers away from heating vents, in a well-lighted area that is out of direct sun.
  • Check the water daily. If the water is clear, top it off if needed. If it is cloudy, dump the water, clean the vase, refill. and add more flower food. Re-cut the stems before replacing them in the vase.
  • Freshen the bouquet by removing wilting or discolored flowers and leaves.

More information from Dr. Ben Bergmann, Cut Flower Expert.