The Bees of North Carolina

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Cover of the Bees of NC BookCongratulations to Dr. Elsa Youngsteadt & Hannah Levenson for this excellent new book, available as a hardcopy for purchase and online as a free pdf file.
A note from Elsa: “It may not be the most exciting time of year to break out the ID guide … but even in December-January, we often see Ceratina, Lasioglossum, and Augochlora out foraging with the honey bees on warm days. Happy hunting!”

Identifying bees on the wing can be difficult, however, The Bees of North Carolina: An Identification Guide is a beginner’s resource designed to help users quickly identify native bees. Developed by experts at NC State Extension, it provides an overview of the most common groups of bees in the state. The guide helps users recognize bees by key characteristics and, eventually, by overall appearance.

Purchasing Bound Copies
Paperback copies can be purchased from UNC Press for $14
The discount code for 25% off bulk orders of 5+ copies = 01NCSU25