Garden Flooded? What to Toss? What to Cook? DO NOT EAT ANYTHING RAW!

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What to Consider if Your Vegetable, Herb, Fruit or Nut Garden has been Exposed to Floodwater

Discard  (do not compost)

  • Do NOt Eat SignThe entire plant with produce that has come into direct contact with floodwater
  • Leafy greens, berries and other soft fruits that are difficult to wash even if they have only had indirect contact with flood water

Wait 72 hours, thoroughly clean and cook (do not eat raw)

  • cooking potProduce that has had indirect contact with floodwater
  • Cooking will not eliminate the risk posed by industrial pollutants


  • Thoroughly wash hands
  • Disinfect surfaces, tools and harvesting containers

Do not replant for 2 – 3 months.

Consider moving your garden to higher ground or using raised beds.

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