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NC State Extension

Managing FROST in the Garden

Quick Tips for Protecting Plants

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    Water plants prior to freezing temperatures

  • Trap heat by draping the plant with a frost cloth or sheet. Cover all the way to the ground, straight down from the widest point.
  • Mulch roots to minimize temperature fluctuation.
AWIS Weather Service, Inc4-9-2016

AWIS Weather Service, Inc4-9-2016

Frost Dates

Season Extension:  Cloches, Low tunnels, Row covers, Cold frames, Hot beds, High tunnels and Greenhouses

NC State Climate Office

  • NC First Frost & First Freeze Dates
  • Climate Thresholds Tool – Calculate the average first and last frost dates for your garden.
    • Step 1:  Choose your location of interest by clicking on the map or entering an address
    • Step 2:  Select “Low Temperature” from the drop-down box
    • Step 3:  Select “Last Day” for last frost or “First Day” for first frost
    • Step 4:  Enter 32
    • Step 5:  Select “Less Than or Equal to”
    • Step 6:  Select “Entire Period of Record”

      Once you’ve submitted your choices, you will see a table of summary statistics for the last day  (or first day depending on which you select) on which 32 degrees (or below) was observed for your chosen location, as well as a chart depicting the spread.

Season Extension

Wind Map